First model photoshoot…

Special thanks to my beloved wife for trusting me and being my first ever model for my first ever professional model photoshoot…


Was a gloomy day… Typical day for late Autumn. My beloved wife “volunteered” (was more excited then me) to be my model for the shoot. This was a planned photo-shooting trip by my good friend Christian and myself. So mid-day Christian drove myself, my wife and his wife all the way to the small and beautiful town called Schwetzingen. We were not so happy with the weather because we were expecting some good natural light but end up a gloomy and cold day.


I decided to use my Tamron AF 70-300mm over my nikon portrait lens and my nikon 18-55mm kit lens. Wanted a nice blur background effect. Shot all the photos in a RAW format so that i can edit the contents with Lightroom later since the natural light was not so good. Made over 100+ photos. This was my first model photoshoot and i didn’t do much read up before this trip. So everything was based on my own preferences, which was regrettably not a good choice . I should have done some research done. Made some errors with wrong focusing.


Date of Shooting : 23rd November 2014
Photographer : Thilek Silvadorai
Model : Chong Jhia Chun
Location : Schwetzingen Castle,Schwetzingen, Germany
Camera : Nikon D5100
Lens : Tamron AF 70-300mm 4-5.6 Di LD Macro 1:2



Lesson learned : 

  • Do not always depend on auto focus or depend on the camera to choose the focus points all the time. At times it helps but some times you have to choose the one you feel is the right.
  • For model photoshoot, make sure the focus is on the eyes of the model. This is essential to obtain a clear shoot of the models face. After all they are the focus unless you prefer otherwise.  (This was a mistake i did which i regret the most)
  • Wear gloves during cold day for photo-shooting. Your hands gonna freeze.


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